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Basic Knowledge on Baby Hair Chairs Parents only wish their babies to be safe by having only the best baby products that are sold in the market. A baby high chair is considered to be one of the most important factors. A baby high chair can be used by babies who have already been eating solid food and also those who already know how to sit up independently. The baby’s safety is one factor that is centered to this type of baby item. The other three that follows are the aesthetics, comfort and convenience. The safety of your baby is the basic issue that needs to be addressed first before you choose a baby high chair. The chair that you choose must be able to provide you with a feature of adjustable belt and strap that must be found between the legs of your little one. Straps, in nature, must be easy to use but when it comes to the unbuckling issue, it must be difficult to do so as to avoid your children from unbuckling and crawling out the chair. You need to make sure that the tray is not attached to the strap in any way possible. Also, you must make sure that the tray is locked securely and that it has at least two different locking widths for it to accommodate the baby as he or she grows. In order to avoid tipping of the baby high chair, make sure that the legs of the chair are far enough from each other. Another important thing to consider is the rubber encasing of the feet of the legs of the chair because this will help in preventing any slippage of the child who is using it.
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High chairs have tendency to fall over. Therefore, checking for the locking mechanism is essential for these baby high chairs especially for the folding up. This mechanism will help in avoiding the collapsing of the chair. There are also baby high chairs whose table is hinged to it. This type of chair often folds up making it suitable for outdoor activities such as going to the restaurants. Checking for the belt and leg straps is also very important. But this high chair doesn’t have a leg or tray feature. Once you have decided on what item to buy, make sure that are able to use it the proper way. First of all, make sure you have strapped the infant into the seat. Also, you must check if the tray is securely locked in the most comfortable position. If you don’t lock the tray, you might get your child into so much trouble such as slipping from the chair. Always see to it that your child is secure and safe wherever you are.